Meilleur Vin Suisse


The white grape variety Chasselas represents 58% of the surface of our wineyard, the red variety Gamay and Pinot noir 34%, the specialties Garamet, Garanoir and Pinot gris the remaining 8%.



VINATURA, ecological and controlled

A wine of high quality, grown in the respect of nature


Quality wines with the VINATURA Label stand for production according to the latest developments in wine growing technology and respecting the present eco-system.


The objectives of the label : 

  • Production of high quality grapes and wines
  • Preservation of landscapes and bio diversity
  • Promotion of an economically viable wine production
  • Respect of the social aspects within the estate
  • Preservation and management of the natural resources and energy


VINATURA its a registrated trade mark in accordance with VITISWISS, the Swiss Federation for the ecological wine production.


imgdor.png         Each year our Chasselas is awarded with the « Laurier d’Or » of  Terravin, Excellency label of Vaud wines.

History of the Estate

Our property, very close to Lake Geneva, borders the cantonal road between the village of Allaman and the little town of Rolle. This wine region is called « Cœur de la Côte » 

Our homestead dates as from the 18th Century, surrounded by its vineyard, well exposed to the sun. All the work from the production of grapes to the bottling of the wine has always been done in the estate.

The property belongs to the family Perrot since 1887. From 1940 Jean-Louis Perrot modernized the exploitation of the wine production. When 1969 Jaques Perrot took over the property, he continued to modernize as well as he took over the selling of wine directly from the estate with the collaboration of Gilbert Gonvers.  As from 2003 Florian Widmer took over the apple and peaches plantations, 2011 the wine production and 2017 finaly the marketing of the wines.

The field area of the estate consists of 22 hectares of which 7,5 hectares wineyeards, on which about 47'000 wine ranks producing more or less 60'000 liters of wine per year. The remaining part of the property consists of appel orchards and agricultural plots.

Discover the wines of the vineyard

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